Helmet Maintenance

Clean the outer casing with a soft toothbrush, sponge or dry towel. Wash using mild soap and water. Wipe gently. The liner can be detached and cleaned separately.

Clean the buckle with a toothbrush or sponge. Wash both sides of the buckle with mild soap and water to prevent bacteria breeding and odor.

To clean the lining, gently remove the lining, hand wash and dry separately.

Avoid high temperatures! The shell of the helmet could melt when exposed to temperatures over 110°C. Please do not place your helmet in high temperature environments. If your helmet gets melts or swells near the heat source, stop using immediately and replace the helmet.

Avoid contact with chemicals, do not apply any chemical solvents to the helmet, corrosive chemicals could damage your helmet. This kind of damage may not be immediately noticeable to your eyes.

The strength of the helmet parts will weaken over time. Please replace your helmet after three years even it does not suffer any impact or damage.